About a decade ago not many people made use of trekking poles for their outdoor adventures. However, today it is extremely rare not see day trippers or people on overnight adventures using these trekking poles. This is because good trekking poles can assist in improving one’s balance when walking over or hiking up uneven ground. They also serve the purpose of saving energy when traveling down or up steep terrain. Below are some of the most popular trekking poles available on the market today in this trekking pole review.

1.Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork

This trekking pole is a popular choice as it is a versatile, comfortable, fairly light and extremely durable product. However, for climbers or the individuals who participate in the activities that require having to carry the poles, there are other options. But these are the ideal choice for hikers or backpackers who will be using the poles in their hands the majority of the time. This trekking pole retails for $160.

2.Black Diamond Trail Back

These trekking poles retail for between $75 to $80 depending on the seller. These  poles are regarded as extremely close in performance abilities when compared to a lot of the more expensive options. While it may not be the most compact or the lightest, it is versatile and durable and is able to meet up with various outdoor enthusiasts needs. Another budget friendly option is the Leki Cristallo that retails for $120 which is more durable and features and extremely comfortable handle.
3.Leki Carbon Ti

Also one of the firm favorites the Leki Carbon Ti retails for around $200 and is regarded as a versatile product that features a more ergonomic and comfortable overall grip. For those individuals’ that “palm” their poles, this is the ideal option due to the oval-shaped handle. Other features that make these trekking poles a good buy are that it uses a bomber “lever-lock mechanism.”

4.Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z

Voted as one of the best in lightweight poles it retails between $136 to $160. Even though these poles are heavier and bulkier when compared to the Raidlight Foldable Trail, it is far more superior in its overall durability. These poles also feature greater strength and rigidity which is an ideal asset to have on rough terrain.

5.Leki Micro Vario Ti COR-TEC

Voted as one of the more comfortable options in folding poles, the Leki Micro Vario retails for $140. This pole features a cork handle that is comfortably designed and ergonomic and collapses down easily to a small size of only 15”. The poles only weigh 18 ounces and the overall design can be enjoyed by backpackers, trekkers and climbers alike.

Below are a few things to keep in mind before choosing the right trekking poles:

Lever-lock action type trekking poles are typically quicker when it comes to adjusting, are durable and easier to use when compared to the twist-lock products.  There are 3 main designs that just about all the trekking poles use. This includes the 2 section, the 3 section telescoping as well as the tent or folding versions. Each of these styles offers their own pros and cons.

Carbon fiber and aluminum are regarded as the more popular options in materials that feature in today’s trekking poles. The carbon is often regarded as typically a stronger, stiffer and lighter material. However, if they are exposed to impacts and become cracked or dented they are usually done. Aluminum is a bit heavier but can withstand more impact and can still be used if it does become dented or cracked.