Over the past decade, trekking poles have become quite popular. They went from rarely ever being requested to almost being demanded. Day hikers and even seasoned mountaineers now feel that trekking poles are a must have item. There is actually quite a few benefit associated with using hiking poles, one of the main advantages is the balance they provide when traveling through more rugged and challenging backcountry terrains. During ascent as well as descent, they reduce the stress on your body as well.

What that being said, here is a brief review on the Black Diamond trekking poles which seems to be an all time favorite of anyone who uses trekking poles in their travels. One of the great things about this trekking pole is that many of the same features which are found on poles that cost over twice the price of the Black Diamond trekking pole are featured on this pole of choice.

The Black Diamond trekking pole is very comfortable to use; it features not only the grip but also the strap that even after extensive use still feel great. A very nicely shaped diameter ribbed rubber grip that was smaller than average but a pleasant, basic ergonomic design. When you hang onto them, the ribs become slightly deformed which makes it even more comfortable and provides a much better grip. This is preferred over other options that feature a rubber grip which is very plain.

The functionality as well as the texture of the EVA foam which is found right below that rubber handle, is an all time favorite. Using these poles on off-trail and uneven terrain or a long traverse through snow is reportedly a great experience. After looking through various reviews, the Black Diamond trekking pole is reported to have one of the most comfortable grips in its category.

A pair of the Black Diamond trekking poles weighs around twenty ounces making it a bit heavier than the average aluminum telescoping poles available on the market. Although theĀ  Black Diamond trekking pole is not especially heavy, it cannot be categorized as a light pole either. That being said, especially when you consider the general price it does have a lot going for it, weight, however, is not one of its strong points.

The Black Diamond trekking pole packs down to sixty-four centimeters; that is just over twenty-five inches long. This means that it is just a little over the average size among the telescoping styles of trekking poles that are currently available in this market. This is not a necessarily a negative aspect, even though it may be disappointing that the Black Diamond trekking pole doesn’t collapse into a shorter size, it is still easy to store in an average sized suitcase or duffle bag and can be easily be strapped to the side of your backpack.

A great aspect to the Black Diamond trekking pole is that is extremely durable. The popular FlipLock adjustment it features is a design which has been proven to be extremely simple to adjust and is just all around awesome. The very tough shafts can hold up to hundreds of days of backpacking, hiking, and even mountaineering. It does not mean that they cannot break, however when compared to other poles they are a lot more durable.

If what you are looking for is a trekking pole that is durable, easy to store, can withstand hard and frequent use and is very comfortable then look no further. The Black Diamond trekking pole is all of that and still found at a great price. If you love using a trekking pole during your exploration of the great outdoors then the Black Diamond trekking pole is the pole for you.